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The Process

When we work together, I want you to have fun. This is a creative experience that will produce a one of a kind finish or unique artwork that is just for you-NO STRESS ALLOWED!

Schedule a consultation. This can be just us or I am always happy to meet with your Interior Decorator as well. If your sister-in-law is your decorating guru, invite her over. No problem. Contact me by phone, e-mail, text or Facebook. You can click on the CONTACT button below for information or click on the Facebook button displayed throughout this site.

Then we need to determine your goal. Do you:

  • have a problem surface that needs to be addressed?

  • need a minor facelift for you home or business?

  • want to completely revamp your home's style?

  • want to get your home ready for sale?

  • want to personalize a newly purchased home or office?

  • want new cabinets, but can't justify getting rid of perfectly sound cabinets?

  • want to give your great aunt's antique buffet a new lease on life?

  • have a baby (or grandbaby) on the way and want to create a magical nursery?

  • These are just a few of the reasons to work with a decorative artist to get a special look for your space.

Next let's determine your style. Sometimes i meet with a client who gives me a very detailed description of their personal style and sometimes the response is "I like blue." Either answer is perfectly reasonable.  Often, I get calls from people who have always been very decisive about their likes and dislikes but now find themselves in a bit of a rut. Collect magazine or catalog photos, or start a Pinterest board just for this project where you can save photos you find online. We can go through those. Sometimes a new set of eyes will see a definite pattern in your selections even  when you don't. I remember a real estate agent years ago who, after looking at the houses I selected for viewing, observed "You like Tudor!" I honestly never realized that before. But, yes I do and live in a Tudor ranch now. If you go to my Catalog section, in the middle of the page, you will see a list of several descriptions of styles currently popular with my clients. Click on those to pull up wall or cabinet/furniture finishes that complement the selected decorating style. This stuff is absolutely subjective. One person's Bohemian is another person's Traditional. This is just a place to start. Or just click ALL to see all the finishes in the catalog. AN IMPORTANT NOTE! These are samples I have in my collection. That doesn't mean the finishes offered are limited to this catalog. In most cases color or pattern variation is an option. So if you see a finish in green, it can almost always be recreated in other colors. The same is true with patterns, textures, patterns and specialty treatments. These can almost always be mixed and matched to produce endless possibilities. Custom designed sample boards may require a nominal fee that will be deducted from the total price of your project.

Fine tune the budget. I don't list this first, because I find that many people don't realize the options i can offer. With paint, artistic techniques and amazing finishing materials, I can create the look of designer wallpaper, paint a mural or bring outdated cabinets into the 21st century. I can use texture to hide the damage done by wallpaper removal so it's not necessary to hire a drywall professional and then a painter. Sometimes my projects can save big money: if you don't have to spend $40,000 to install new cabinets, that's money in your pocket or money to spend on more projects..my favorite.

Together we will pick a finish that suits your budget. I always try to provide design possibilities at multiple price points. Look through the catalog and see the wide variety of finishes available. I will provide a bid,  usually on the spot, but sometimes I may have to research materials. A bid can almost always be provided within 24 hours.

Schedule your project. The length of time required to finish a project varies. It generally takes longer than getting a basic paint job, but I do my best to complete the project efficiently and with as little disturbance to your life as possible. I provide an information sheet based on your chosen project letting you know what to expect and things that need to be considered, including pets, young children and paint sensitivity. The vast majority of the products I use are water based and certified low VOC. Some difficult surfaces my require a solvent based primer, but I wll let you know in advance if that is the case. MSD sheets are available upon request for any of the products I use.

A deposit of 25% is required at the time of scheduling with another 25% due at the beginning of the project and the balance upon completion of the project. I have 15 years experience at what I do and maintain insurance. You won't get unwanted surprises. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.