The way I see it you can paint a wall, or you can make art.

Look at the photo above. It's a finish called Dorian in the Catalog of Finishes. It's a showstopper all by itself, but combined with the giraffe sculpture, you get "WOW!". The photo at the left is of a finish called Giselle. This is in a master bath that the homeowner now proclaims to be her own personal spa. The red dining room below combines two finishes Moulan Rouge and Fancy Cowboy. These rooms don't just wear these colors, they wrap you up in these colors.

Okay, enough with the fancy talk. On a practical note, these finishes served a purpose. The wall behind the giraffes is an oddly shaped wall beside a staircase. It was too small for any substantial artwork and it's a major walkway through the house, so there wasn't room for a piece of furniture. Adding this glitzy geometric finish made additional adornment unnecessary. The wall became the art. |The room to the left had two issues. This was a huge master bath with lots of white and natural light. Too much. The homeowner just felt it was too intense, not at all restful. The second problem was minor wall damage left after paper was removed. This oppulent, textured material in warm neutral colors addressed all the problems. It's one of my favorite rooms. |The owner of the red dining room needed to make items she has collected while traveling the world work together. The rug was one shade of red, the upholstery another. I used three tones of red in this finish to make everything click. |The close up of the black and silver finish below was what dear Bob Ross (look him up if you don't know who he was) would have called a "happy accident".  The owner of a jewelry store was revamping his entire store, but he is not one to spend money if he didn't have to. Much of the store was papered with twenty year old grasscloth that was mostly still in excellent shape. I was reluctant, but he said we needed to work with the paper. I painted it. Added a transfer foil, stenciled with a product that include glass glitter and glazed it. The result was absolutely gorgeous.  And he saved the cost of paper removal and the wall repair that would have been required in this 100+ year old building.


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