Need a gift for someone who has everything...or for yourself? Why not invest in original artwork?

Artwork is available for purchase through my Facebook page or my Etsy store. In 2017, i plan to sell it through an online store here. Please check back.

Contact me to discuss ideas for your own custom designed artwork.


Local stars or villians, depends on whom you ask.

This is a trendy bit of art inspired by the city park in my small town and the audacious pea fowl who call it home. These animals are beautiful, but don't like to stay on their own turf; thereby upsetting locals. SOLD

Practical art.

This map of The Lake of the Ozarks serves a purpose. My client has a lake home and likes to host friends and family. The twist and turns of the lake and the roads leave visitors confused about where exactly they are. This map, designed to look like a vintage poster, marks "where you are now" and nearby popular sites as well as the primary roads. Pretty and practical.

Commissioned to hang in offices at the Missouri State Capitol

Painted on an oak panel, this substantial piece depicts the statue of Thomas Jefferson created by James Earl Fraser that oversees the South Entrance of the Missouri State Capitol. It was rendered in acrylic to mimic an old pen and ink drawing.