This cave needs some color..

These are photos of paintings from caves near Lascaux, France. (Stay with me, I have a point with this.) Scientists date the cave paintings in this region to about 40,000 B.C.E. Archaeological evidences tells us that in 20,000 B.C.E. humans were still gathering wild grains; we had yet to engage in crop agriculture.  So, 20,000 years before our ancestors harnessed the power of planting a seed and growing food, some of them took the time to collect and prepare pigments. They spent time by the light of a fire, using the materials they could create from nature, capturing images of the life that surrounded them. To me, this is important. Putting your mark on the space you occupy says "I am here". Creating art and building a lasting structure reminds future generations "I was here. This is the proof."  I look at these paintings and know that, in some ways, we are much unchanged from our earliest ancestors.

I think that's why I paint walls, make art, take simple and unwanted objects and make them spectacular. It's why I take seriously the task of making client's homes feel special. It's my way of helping people say "I am here."  

I have colored, drawn and painted on walls for as long as I can remember. I painted my first mural when I was 12. i started my first house flip when I was a newly married 18 year old college student. That's where I learned to make not so much look like "Wow, that's nice!"  I didn't see that as a career option then. I spent my work days for the next 30 years in offices, but in my free time I have been painting, ripping out, building back and generally changing something ever since.

In 2002,  after friends and coworkers admired some Tuscan style murals and finishes I created in my office at work, I began taking some commissions to do similar projects for others. By early 2007, I had more of these commissions than I could do on weekends and holidays. In the Summer of 2007, Gracie Lane Design was formed and I plunged in full time.

Along with hours of self-education, research and trial and error, I have received training from some exceptional faux finishing schools in the MidWest. My ongoing relationships with these schools keeps me up to date on the latest trends in murals and finishing. I maintain memberships in artisan associations where I can confer with members around the world to find out what's new, not only here, but in the big wide world. As of this writing, (9/2016) I am studying paint making techniques from a furniture restoration artist in South Africa!

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about any of the finishes or items you see listed here. If you find a finish or furniture piece in a magazine or run across something in your daily travels that you would like to emulate, snap some photos. There's an excellent chance I can help you reproduce it.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you create a space that helps you say "I am here!".